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Diamondback "Pro Switch" Silent Cable for Tele

Original price $65.00 - Original price $75.00
Original price $65.00
$65.00 - $75.00
Current price $65.00

If you're a T-style guitar player, you might understand the problem with right-angle plugs and the Tele recessed jack. We listened to customers and designed a new cable from the ground up to try and address this unique issue. While our Pro Switch cables will work with any guitar, they are designed with the Telecaster in mind. It starts with our soft-tail cable for easy wrapping through your strap.  Then we included the USA-made G&H copper-core connectors.  The right angle connector is G&H's Quiet Tele connector. 

The "Quiet Plug" is time-tested and has been available since the late 80's. These are extremely reliable plugs compared to other "silent" designs. The plug depends on a spring loaded design that automatically grounds the signal when the cable is unplugged for quiet switching between instruments without the need to mute your amplifier. We have an early 90's cable with this plug that was personally used by us for over 15 years and still works!

We make this cable in ten colors for a personalized look! With the colorful Tech-Flex sleeving in 10 unique designs, you can be sure this cable both attractive AND durable.  As with all our cables, it comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY. 

Weave Color: Diamondback with Gunmetal
Length: 10 foot