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“We build premium instrument cables for discerning musicians”


BP Signature Cables is Bryan Parris, owner of Parris Guitars in Knoxville, Tennessee. Parris guitars is a full-service repair shop serving musicians across East Tennessee, North Georgia, and Southern Kentucky.  Back in 2005, at the request of our repair customers, we built a few premium cables and got hooked!  While our styles and components have changed over the years, we are confident our current line is among the best sounding and most durable cables available!


When researching our current line of cables, we wanted to build the best possible cable, with the best possible components we could find!  The result is a low-capacitance, USA made cable, with durable sleeving and either Neutrik or USA-made G&H connectors. We love building cables, and are proud to offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY on everything we make. What does that mean? It means if you ever have a problem, we will fix it!  If it's on us (a bad solder joint, etc.) it's at no cost to you. If it's a failed component (like a connector we purchase), we will only charge you for the replacement part.  We make our cables in FOUR SERIES:


Our workhorse series has a rugged look, made in "earthy" designs and uses Neutrik PX series connectors made in Liechtenstein. These are the connectors we have used for over 20 years and have some still kicking after all that time! Our Workhorse series is made in 8 standard colors, with almost that many alternate designs that are offered periodically. If you're looking for a beefy looking cable...which we call "The ATV of the cable world!" the Workhorse series may be for you.


Our Deluxe Series uses the same USA-made low-capacitance cable as our Workhorse series, but is designed to be...well...more "deluxe." It uses USA made G&H High-clarity connectors and has a more elegant look with gold plugs and a different palette of color.  The two series are priced the same, but we personally feel the Deluxe series is a more durable design due to the heavy brass G&H plugs. The Deluxe Series is 100% Made in the USA!


Our Pro-switch cable is designed from the ground-up for players of Telecaster style guitars. It solves a common problem for T-style players who want to use a right angle connector, but find the Tele recessed jack limiting. The pro-switch has a unique extended plug made especially for Tele and the bonus of a "silent" plug that mutes the signal automatically when unplugged. The Pro-Switch also comes standard in our "Soft-tail" design that leaves the last 15" of the cable unsleeved for ultimate flexibility when wrapping the cable through a guitar strap like most modern players do. 


Coming in late 2023, our Ultra Series is a luxury presentation-grade cable. Made standard in only two colors, it utilizes the Sommer LLX cable from Germany... the "lowest capacitance cable in the world."  The Ultra is built with a unique design that makes it a full 3/8" thick and also SUPER FLEXIBLE! It will retail for 40% more than our other series, but is literally the nicest cable we've ever made and probably the nicest we've ever seen!