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Our limited warranty covers defects in workmanship for the life of the cable to the original purchaser.  If your cable fails to perform during the life of the cable, we (BP Signature Cables) will repair or replace the cable, at our discretion, with new or reconditioned parts.  

Because parts are not manufactured by BP Signature Cables, we don’t warranty those components beyond the original manufacturers warranty. We will repair cable at no cost to you, but will charge for parts necessary for repair. If cable is a total loss, we will replace it at 50% of our current pricing at time of warranty claim. 

Warranty is void if damage is caused by misuse or abuse, if others have attempted repair prior to warranty claim, or if the cable has been modified in any way from original design (removal of shrink-tubing, etc.)

Duration of the warranty is for the duration of the original purchaser’s ownership of cable. Warranty is not transferrable with change of ownership.

Warranty claims must be made in writing and include the name of the original purchaser, approximate date of purchase (for verification with our records), length, color, and a description of reason for claim.

 Warranty Questions? Contact us using the form below: